Do you want to Customzie Eyelash Glue with your logo ? We can help you

Do you want to Customzie Eyelash Glue with your logo ? We can help you

Our glues are waterproof, latex free, absolutely safe! only minimum 20 can print your own logo or Brand Name .

As the professional high-quality Lash Vendors and the manufacturer of Eyelash Packaging , Maquillage Lashes can tell you that it is very important to choose high-quality eyelash glue for your lash business!《The New Best Selling 3D Mink Lashes Of DW Series

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Finding a good Eyelash Vendors can make or break your business, and choosing a high-quality Eyelash Glue can help your business succeed!We not only make glue, but also have Eyelash Boxes Packaging

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1. Safe ingredients, no harm to the body

Environmental friendly and non-toxic glue is really important for the eyes. High quality eyelash glue mainly consists of acrylic resin, water, etc.and does not contain cyano and other toxic ingredients like other glues on the market.

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And good glue is environmental protection, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, does not damage the eye sensitive skin. So you don’t have to worry about using eyelash glue to damage your eyes.

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2. Strong adhesion

The choice of good Eyelash Glue is not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but also has strong adhesion and fast drying strength of false eyelash glue.

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When using glue, apply a little false eyelash glue on the edge of false eyelashes. The two ends are easy to fall off. The amount of glue should be a little more.

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When applying glue, you should blow it gently with your mouth, and then stick it to the glasses.

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Moreover, the false eyelashes with false eyelash glue can be pasted repeatedly, and the glue on the false eyelashes can be removed when removing makeup.

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3.Who Will Beat The Traditional Bottled Glue?

Like the Eyebrow pencil, the main function of the eyelash glue pen is to draw eyeliner with its black ink, which is a supplement to beauty makeup.It has a length of 13.9cm and a width of 1.56cm. It can be carried in a handbag and is very convenient to use. This pictures shows how the Eyeliner Glue Pen looks like!

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Through research and experimentation, Maquillage Lashes made the bottled glue into the shape and packaging of an eyelash glue pen.When drawing eyeliner, the liquid of the glue pen drawn is black and sticky. Except for the black line drawn on the eyeliner It has the effect of beautiful makeup and can also fix mink eyelashes, which brings you great convenience.

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