How Much Does Your Lashes Box Cost ?

How Much Does Your Lashes Box Cost ?

How much does your lashes box cost? Maquillage Lashes will give you a good price for your reference, help you make a good Custom Eyelash Packaging order

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Price of an eyelash box

All eyelash boxes produced by us are at the factory’s wholesale price, which is very cheap and highly competitive in the market.

Wholesale Mink Lashes

How do we measure and set prices?

The quotation is based on the quantity, size, and consumables, process, and man-hour. In addition, our design is free of charge.

Eyelash Vendors

Two direct ways to lower the wholesale price:

Quantity. The more you buy, the lower the price.Buy our eyelashes. If you purchase both our lashes and the eyelash box, our sales staff will give you a discount and reduce the wholesale price of the box. Of course,craftsmanship and other requirements also affect the price.If you want to get a favorable price and would like to purchase an Eyelash Box, now can contact us by WhatsApp+8615505357510 .

Custom Eyelashes Boxes

We will assess your order immediately and give you a competitive wholesale price.different eyelash boxes and prices in the market at present:

Acrylic Eyelash Box

It is made of high-quality plastic with high transparency, which is very similar to crystal. Meanwhile, the box is simple, elegant,and high-end with the ability to resistant to pressure. Anything you like can be printed on the box, but you need to send us high-quality AI, PSD, or PDF files.

Mink Lash Vendors

The price of our acrylic boxes is between $1 and $2.5. Of course, the prices of the boxes vary slightly because of different quantities and crafts.If you want an accurate quotation, please contact us by WhatsApp

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

The material of the hardboard eyelash box is natural, green, and harmless. The texture is light and strong, so the freight is low.nd a beautiful appearance can promote sales and protect eyelashes from damage.The price is generally between $2.5 and $4.5. If you want to get the quotation immediately, please contact us by WhatsApp

Custom Lash Cases

Cardboard Eyelash Box

The cardboard eyelash box is soft and can be folded, which can save space and freight. The price is much cheaper than the hardboard eyelash box,generally between $0.3 and $1.5 per box. It is especially suitable for supermarkets and eyelash stores, with large quantity and low price,and it is very competitive both in wholesale and retail.

Eyelash Case Wholesale

All eyelash boxes are made with new materials and new techniques and sold on the spot with a long shelf life. Besides,all boxes are original according to customers’ needs, from creative ideas, designs, modifications to drafts.

Lashes Packaging

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