How I Found My Whoelsale Hair Vendors?

How I Found My Whoelsale Hair Vendors?

You’re so eager to START YOUR HAIR BUSINESS, I understand. You see all these Wholesale Virgin Hair businesses saying how much they’re making a month while being their own boss!Who doesn’t want to be a business owner these days right? If we are honest here, you are past the point of excitement and are willing to do anything to get this venture off the ground. The market for Human Virgin Hair Wholesale is undoubtedly hot right now, so it’s a great time to find success of your own in this high-grossing industry.

  • Now that you’ve settled on your Wholesale Brazilian Hair business idea, you may be wondering where to start.Let me tell you, the process is not for the faint of heart and it will take some groundwork on your part. But this is your business and reputation on the line!There has been an influx of “hair vendor list” being sold lately. I know you have asked yourself if it’s something you should purchase. Is it legit?

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  • Choosing a reliable HAIR VENDOR and developing a long term relationship can make the difference between a business that flops and one that succeeds.Press your breaks, grab a pen and paper, and allow me to give you some tips on how to find a Best Wholesale Hair Vendors!

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What’s A Hair Vendor List Anyway?

  • In recent years, more and more people have discovered that the Hair Wxtensions Wholesale industry is a very profitable market, so they decided to join! Getting a piece of the pie would be an understatement, with an estimated $10 Billion in annual hair sales, this industry is hot.A good “Hair Vendor List” should include reliable, reputable hair suppliers that will sell you WHOLESALE HAIR EXTENSIONS to provide your business.

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  • This is where the issue lies; you have to purchase the list first before you can see what exact Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor are listed. If they aren’t reputable or sell terrible extensions, you are out of funds that could have been spent elsewhere.

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Beginning Your Search

  • Many new beginners make the mistake of sourcing hair on AliExpress and sites alike; they offer low minimum orders. Unfortunately, there are so many bad Wholesale Hair Vendor they overshadow the few goods.The key to conducting your research is having a plan and not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed.

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Try Google

  • Search for WHOLESALE VIRGIN HAIR FACTORY. This method allows you to save a lot of time and money; it also gives you all the information about the HAIR SUPPLIERS and their platforms.

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  • Pay close attention to the quality of information on the seller’s website. If they seem very knowledgeable and have invested time in perfecting their business, it will show that they take the quality of their hair seriously. The best wholesale bundles come from suppliers who know what they are talking about, not just websites with celebrity photos and the bare minimum of information.

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Try Social Media

  • Believe it or not, social media holds a lot of power when connecting you with vendors from all over the world. Hair vendors are literally a hashtag away! Using specific keywords and hashtags will give you many options at your fingertips.
  • Be sure that they are active and their photos are also legitimate, a vendor with only celebrities should not be trusted. This shows you that they are serious about their business and their potential business partners.

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Narrowing Down Your Search

  • So, you’ve found some hair vendors you’re interested in working with. Yay!
  • Now it is time to weed out the low-quality sellers! You go by doing such by using targeted search terms. Try something industry specific, like “MINK BRAZILIAN HAIR” for example. By doing so, you will cut down the search results to professional suppliers who are familiar with industry terms. From there, your job is to contact each supplier and ask questions.


Getting To Know The Vendor

  • You should trust your hair vendor, feel confident when you place your order and have to know that your concerns will be taken care of. You can learn a lot by how timely, personable, and willing to work with a new, growing business each vendor is pretty quickly after a few emails.
  • Trust your gut! If you see any red flags like non-responsive sellers, shady websites, or vendors who promise more than what is possible, you should move on to the next vendor on your list. This will save you a lot of trouble down the line!

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Try Video Chatting With A Company Overseas

  • Once you’ve found a hair vendor you are interested in the next step is communicating with your potential hair vendor.
  • It’s not easy to visit a Virgin Hair Factory in China or anywhere else that is not local, believe me I know. However, technology has come a long way, and your potential manufacturer should not have any issues with video chatting you so you can see their facility, process, hair, etc.


Where Is the Hair From?

  • Some wholesale suppliers buy the hair directly from the donor, or straight from the source. But others have to purchase the hair themselves first from another supplier and have less control over the quality and origin of the hair.

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